From Tedious to Terrific – How Pixel Perfect Transformed Reporting for US’ Largest Legal Insurance Provider

Blog | May 30, 2024 | By Anirban Ghosh, Sandeep Kumar

How Pixel Perfect Transformed Reporting

For US’s Largest Legal Insurance Provider

Let’s be perfectly honest. Creating reports isn’t fun. Not if you do it manually. It’s a time-suck. An activity that’s equal parts tedious and frustrating. You’re drowning in data, a lot of cuts and pastes, wrestling with spreadsheets, and formatting pages after pages for what can sometimes feel like a reporting purgatory that you don’t know if you’re getting out of.


That’s how the reporting lead for US’ largest legal insurance provider described his experience. Until recently his team used to spend days and weeks on end creating over 1000+ customized MS-word reports for the Client Servicing teams and Account Executives. These reports, crucial for tracking plan utilization, enrollments, and attorney services, had to be meticulously formatted, visually clear, and adhere to strict industry regulations.

The Challenge of Tedious Reporting

Pixel Perfect: The Game Changer

Results and Benefits Achieved

Initial Reporting Obstacles

Implementation of Pixel Perfect

Enhancing User Experience and Efficiency

The organization prided itself on delivering efficient and reliable services to its clients staked its reputation for timely and efficient services needed to automate the reporting – not just for its own teams but also for the customers they served.  

The customer instance offered us an opportunity to turn something that was tedious into transformative. And in Pixel Perfect for Tableau, we had the perfect solution.   

Deploying Pixel Perfect automated the entire reporting process, allowing the legal insurance provider to generate reports directly from their existing Tableau Dashboards. No more copy-pasting data or wrestling with formatting. With a single click, they could generate beautiful, customized reports in Word format, meeting all the necessary regulatory requirements.

Here’s how Pixel Perfect for Tableau became the hero of this success story:

From Manual to One-Click Reporting:

Pixel Perfect eliminated the need for endless hours of manual report creation. Instead, reports could be generated directly from the familiar Tableau dashboard with a single click. No more repetitive formatting or wasted time – just beautifully customized reports, ready to be distributed in seconds.

From Manual to One-Click Reporting

Data Pointers Became a Visual Story:

Pixel Perfect injected data with visual appeal. Heat maps offered a clear picture of utilization trends across different plan categories. Donut charts provided immediate insights into case status. And crosstabs provided a multi-dimensional view of performance, allowing the client service team to analyze data quickly and effectively.

Data Pointers Became a Visual Story

Accuracy Became the Standard:

Manual processes are error-prone but Pixel Perfect eliminated that risk entirely. Reports were now generated with precision, ensuring data consistency and eliminating the worry of typos or misplaced information. This newfound accuracy translated to trust and confidence in the reported data, a critical factor for any legal insurance provider.

Accuracy Became the Standard

Time Became a Valuable Asset:

The time saved was substantial. A 40% reduction in reporting time meant the client service team could reclaim valuable hours each week. Those hours could now be spent on what matters most – providing exceptional service to their clients.

Time Became a Valuable Asset

The results were a win-win for everyone involved. Pixel Perfect not only saved time and resources, but it also transformed the way the client service team interacted with data. Reports became a strategic tool for informed decision-making.  

As the Head of Client Servicing himself noted, ” Pixel Perfect’s data visualization integration, particularly heat maps, crosstabs and branded watermarks into the Reporting Solution straight out of the Tableau Environment has significantly enhanced the efficiency & ROI for our client servicing team.” 

For us in the Pixel Perfect this story isn’t new but to anyone drowning in reporting data and wondering “if there’s a better way”, Pixel Perfect doesn’t just offer hope but a tool of empowerment. The solution isn’t just about saving time and money; it’s about equipping teams with the tools they need to unlock the power of data and ultimately, provide a better service to their clients. 

If you want to experience the power of Pixel Perfect yourself, do reach out. We’ll be happy to set up a custom demo!

Anirban Ghosh
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Anirban Ghosh is a Senior Director in USEReady’s Product Engineering Practice. He plays a strategic role within the practice and leads the product life cycle, go-to-market strategy, defines product roadmap and client enablement programs.
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