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MigratorIQ for Accelerated Migration from QlikView to Tableau

With purpose-built adaptors and unique platform-specific accelerators, MigratorIQ enables organizations to migrate seamlessly from legacy BI systems like QlikView to modern platforms like Tableau. An end-to-end migration program, MigratorIQ offers assessment, planning, data and content migration, testing, and post-migration support while reducing the overall time and cost of the migration effort. For organizations looking to modernize their BI capabilities, MigratorIQ provides an efficient path to migrate from complex legacy platforms to intuitive modern analytics tools and helps organizations to quickly evolve their tech stack.

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Why Should You Migrate to Tableau?

Migrating from QlikView to Tableau offers several advantages.

Latest Data Visualization

Supports multiple sources

Connects to More Data Sources


Seamless Deployment


Robust Security Model

Effective data collaboration

Effective Collaboration


Self-Service Analytics


Active User Community

Legacy Use Case Support

Legacy Use Case Support

Why Migrate with USEReady?

USEReady is a leading Tableau partner with expertise in legacy BI migration. Whether you have a small or large data set, USEReady can help you plan and execute an accelerated migration that’s secure, cost-effective, and delivers intelligent outcome for your business. Plus, it offers comprehensive legacy use case support by leveraging Pixel Perfect for Tableau to support formatted report requirements. USEReady also provides training, support, and consulting to help you with a worry-free, hassle-free conversion to Tableau.

How Does MigratorIQ Ensure Successful Migration?

For migrating from QlikView to Tableau, USEReady relies on its Plan-Migrate-Validate framework.


In the ‘Plan’ phase, MigratorIQ identifies the components of the QlikView system and analyzes them for understanding the structure and migration complexity and arriving at the effort involved in the migration process. QlikView Metrics Report provides a detailed view of data scripts and reports logic which further aids migration scope assessment and planning.


The ‘Migrate’ phase involves cleaning and transforming the data from the source system to ensure that it is ready for migration. A crucial step for maintaining data integrity, this phase also covers data source planning, live and extract connections, embedded passwords, third-party extensions, and dashboard enhancement aspects.


The ‘Validate’ phase focuses on integrating the prepared data into Tableau’s components. Besides validating templated data flows, reports, and certified data sources, the phase also covers functional testing, performance testing, optimization, bug fixes, and production rollout aspects. This ensures seamless data transition and functionality in the new system.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The purpose of the QlikView Migration Accelerator is to assess the existing Qlik environment, estimate migration effort, and automate key migration steps through tools like a navigator, metadata extractor, and metric report generator.

A: While migrating from QlikView to Tableau does not involve any major risk, the transition does require handling complex ETL queries from QlikView. These queries need to be analyzed and can be supported through Tableau Prep or another data layer. Additionally, legacy use case support for formatted report requirements could be an issue. USEReady can support legacy use cases seamlessly with Pixel Perfect for Tableau.

A: Yes, the accelerator supports the migration of customized QlikView reports and dashboards to Tableau while retaining and adapting the core functionality and visual elements to Tableau’s structure.

A: The migration accelerator extends supports to QlikView 11.2 right up to its latest release.

A: Yes, we offer comprehensive training and enablement program to assist business and technology teams in effectively using Tableau.

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