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Transform Reporting Experience for Snowflake Users. Switch to pay-as-you-go reporting.

Design & distribute print-ready, formatted reports.

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Create well formatted reports without Traditional BI

Pixel Perfect for Snowflake redefines formatted reporting for businesses by eliminating the need for traditional BI tools. While BI has modernized, the need for formatted reports remains crucial for regulatory, compliance, leadership, and operations teams. By adopting our server-less pay-as-you-go reporting approach, you can say goodbye to bloated technology infrastructure and large teams dedicated to manual reporting, freeing up resources as well as operational costs. Embrace the future of reporting and empower your enterprise with Pixel Perfect for Snowflake.

How It Works

Generate reports in just a few clicks

Step 1
Login to Pixel Perfect for Snowflake Web UI
Step 2
Connect to Snowflake Warehouse
Step 3
Configure, Generate & Distribute print-ready, formatted Pixel Perfect reports in your preferred output format (pdf, ppt, & excel)

Weekly reports from snowflake to email

Print ready reports from snowflake data

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how to export snowflake data in excel format

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A data app that generates print-ready, formatted reports in PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel directly from Snowflake

Paginated reports with repeatable headers, footers, logos, page numbers, page breaks, and crosstabs

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product with usage-based pricing

Report distribution at scale via email and SFTP

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