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MigratorIQ for Accelerated Migration from SAP BusinessObjects to Tableau

MigratorIQ is an accelerated legacy BI migration program that enables organizations to migrate seamlessly from SAP BusinessObjects to Tableau. While moving away from the familiar interface of SAP BusinessObjects to Tableau’s dynamic visualizations can feel like a leap, MigratorIQ bridges that gap with its tailored approach which involves platform-specific accelerators for reports, universes, and dashboards where complex objects are translated efficiently into Tableau’s equivalent structures. MigratorIQ’s guided framework ensures a smooth transition, free from the complexities typically associated with manual migrations.

Why Should You Migrate to Tableau?

Migrating from SAP BusinessObjects to Tableau offers several advantages.


Latest Data Visualization


Connect to More Data Sources


Seamless Deployment


Robust Security Model


Effective Collaboration


Self-Service Analytics


Active User Community

Legacy Use Case Support

Legacy Use Case Support

Why Migrate with USEReady?

USEReady is a leading Tableau partner with expertise in legacy BI migration. Whether you have a small or large data set, USEReady can help you plan and execute an accelerated migration that’s secure, cost-effective, and delivers intelligent outcome for your business. Plus, it offers comprehensive legacy use case support by leveraging Pixel Perfect for Tableau to support formatted report requirements. USEReady also provides training, support, and consulting to help you with a worry-free, hassle-free conversion to Tableau.

How Does MigratorIQ Ensure Successful Migration?

MigratorIQ brings a modular, script-oriented approach to legacy BI migrations.

MigratorIQ leverages USEReady’s proven ‘Plan-Migrate-Validate’ framework to ensure a smooth and successful transition from SAP BusinessObjects to Tableau. The three-phase framework guides the entire migration process.


In the Plan phase, MigratorIQ scans the SAP BusinessObjects reports, universes, data sources, and dependencies and provides a comprehensive migration assessment. It also automates the migration planning and highlights any potential issues or gaps.


In the Migrate phase, MigratorIQ transforms the reports and data models from SAP BusinessObjects to Tableau using platform-specific accelerators. These accelerators handle the complex conversion logic and reduce the need for manual coding.


During the final Validate phase, MigratorIQ validates the migrated reports and dashboards by performing rigorous testing and quality checks. It ensures that the migrated artifacts are fully functional and compatible with Tableau.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Migrating from SAP BusinessObjects to Tableau involves exporting relevant reports, universes, and data sources, transforming them into Tableau-compatible formats, and setting up connections within Tableau. MigratorIQ simplifies this process with automated tools and expert guidance.

A: Two major risks can affect SAP BusinessObjects migrations viz., Project scope and timeline underestimation, and legacy report format compatibility. MigratorIQ’s assessment tools help mitigate the first risk while Pixel Perfect for Tableau ensures accurate format conversion, addressing the second.

A: No, data loss is not a risk during migration.

A: The cost depends on various factors, including the number and complexity of reports, resources involved, and time required. For an accurate estimate, please contact us.

A: Migration time depends on the volume and complexity of your reports. MigratorIQ’s assessment tools provide effort estimations for each report and a milestones-based project plan, ranging from weeks to months.

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