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MigratorIQ for Accelerated Migration from Hyperion Brio to Tableau

With purpose-built adaptors and unique platform-specific accelerators, MigratorIQ enables organizations to migrate seamlessly from legacy BI systems like Hyperion Brio to modern platforms like Tableau. An end-to-end migration program, MigratorIQ offers assessment, planning, data and content migration, testing, and post-migration support while reducing the overall time and cost of the migration effort. The accelerator can analyze multiple reports at a time, export Hyperion report metadata information in metric store, estimate report complexity, perform rationalization and target conversion to smoothen the complete migration process.

Why Should You Migrate to Tableau?

Migrating from Hyperion Brio to Tableau offers several advantages.


Latest Data Visualization


Modern Analytics


Data Scalability & Diversity


Effective Collaboration


Connect to More Data Sources


Lower TCO

Legacy Use Case Support

Legacy Use Case Support


Self-Service Analytics

Why Migrate with USEReady?

USEReady is a leading Tableau partner with expertise in legacy BI migration. Whether you have a small or large data set, USEReady can help you plan and execute an accelerated migration that’s secure, cost-effective, and delivers intelligent outcome for your business. One of the advantages of migrating with USEReady is its comprehensive legacy use case support wherein it leverages Pixel Perfect for Tableau to support formatted report requirements. USEReady also provides training, support, and consulting to help you with a worry-free, hassle-free conversion to Tableau.

How Does MigratorIQ Ensure Successful Migration?

The migration path for Hyperion Brio to Tableau is guided by USEReady’s Plan-Migrate-Validate framework. The framework’s three phases i.e. Plan, Migrate, and Validate, have their own objectives, deliverables, and tools.


The Plan phase involves finding and listing the reports and folders to be migrated, measuring and ranking them based on their complexity, usage, frequency, and business value, and creating and documenting a data model that can support the reporting needs of the migrated reports. The Plan phase also covers security, governance, add-on, and optimization aspects of the migration.


The Migrate phase involves converting the Hyperion Brio queries to Tableau queries that can run on the data model, creating Tableau dashboards that are interactive and user-friendly, and replicating the functionality and appearance of the Hyperion Brio reports. The Migrate phase also covers data source planning, live and extract connections, embedded passwords, third-party extensions, and dashboard enhancement aspects.


Validate, the final phase of the migration process involves quality assurance and production transition of the migrated content to Tableau. It also covers data validation, functional testing, performance testing, workbook review and optimization, data source validation and optimization, extract schedule and subscription availability check, user acceptance testing, bug fixes, production rollout and delivery aspects of the migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Migrating from Hyperion Brio to Tableau involves exporting relevant Hyperion Brio reports and data, transforming them into Tableau-compatible formats, and setting up the necessary connections within Tableau.

A: Migrating from Hyperion Brio can involve two major risks viz. overestimation of project cost and timelines and legacy use case support. While the former can be managed with migration estimation accelerator, the latter can be addressed with Pixel Perfect for Tableau which can support formatted report requirements easily.

A: While there is no risk of data loss during migration, legacy use case support for formatted report requirements could be an issue. USEReady can mitigate the challenge with Pixel Perfect for Tableau.

A: The cost of Hyperion Brio to Tableau migration can vary depending on various factors, such as the scope and complexity of the migration, resources involved, and the time and effort required. For an accurate estimation of cost involved, please reach out to us.

A: The time required to migrate from Hyperion to Tableau depends on the volume and complexity of the Brio reports. The Hyperion Brio Migration Accelerator conducts an effort estimation for each report and provides a milestones-based project plan which can vary from weeks to months.

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