Democratizing Actions and Insights with Tableau Pulse (with Generative AI capabilities)

On-demand Webinar


In this webinar, leading Tableau Ambassadors from USEReady will guide you on:

  • Re-live Analytics with Tableau Pulse: Gain a solid understanding of Tableau Pulse’s core concepts and architecture.
  • Live Demo: Witness the power of Tableau Pulse firsthand as our experts showcase a real-world use case.
  • Unleashing Pulse’s Potential for Everyone: Discover how Tableau Pulse empowers various user groups within your organization.
  • Accelerate My Move to Cloud: Experience how USEReady can help in your journey to Tableau Cloud with STORM™

Tired of spending hours chasing down insights from your data? What if the insights found you instead? That’s the power of Tableau Pulse – the tool that’s reimagining analytics and transforming how businesses interact with their data.

With AI-powered insights generation and analysis and Flow-of-Work Integration Tableau Pulse is shattering the traditional approach to data exploration. With Tableau Pulse, you can build a KPI library so anyone in your organization can track and monitor key metrics. Plus, it measures the health of your business, delivering actionable insights in real-time.

Discover all this and more in USEReady’s latest webinar. From understanding the core concepts of Tableau Pulse to discovering its usage and benefits this session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and insights you need to effectively harness the power of Tableau Pulse.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your data analytics game!

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Caitlyn Garger

Caitlyn Garger

Technical Team Lead, USEReady

Manish Rakheja

Migration Practice Lead, USEReady


Priyanka Dobhal

Technical Lead, USEReady

Santhosh Sekar

Associate Architect, USEReady