• At USEReady, we connect the dots
    between data and people
  • making data analytics work for you
    instead of the other way around
  • We use cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence
    to make BI more smart and more useful
  • harness the power of Collective Intelligence
    to enable user adoption and enablement
  • and build a culture of data democracy
    to unlock the true potential of data
  • Driven by fanatical customer centricity
    we go the extra mile and ensure excellence
  • and relentlessly work towards our mission,
    to help users succeed with data

BI meets AI

  • Leverage cutting edge AI to build Next-Gen BI

    We use AI to make BI more conversational and human-like, making the users more productive in their BI use

  • Harness Collective Intelligence to drive adoption

    We build a culture of data democracy, self-service and community, so that all the users can benefit collectively

  • Monetize data and drive better business outcomes

    Use faster and better insights to improve decision making at all levels, making a positive and measurable impact on business

Raise the bar with us