DCW is a Streamlit-based app that provides actionable insights into Snowflake utilization, Data Cloud Governance, Query Performance along with Health Monitoring. DCW also generates alerts, provides recommendations to optimize usage and has the ability to take intelligent actions.

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DCW (Data Cloud Watch): Actionable Insights for Snowflake Utilization and Data Cloud Governance

DCW is a Streamlit-based app that provides actionable insights into Snowflake utilization

Data Cloud watch is a Streamlit-based app provides insights into Snowflake utilization

Industries We Serve

Financial Services

Media & Entertainment


HCLS (Healthcare and Life Sciences)


Public Sector

Why You need DCW/Data Cloud watch

DCW/Data Cloud Watch Industries we serve

How Data cloud watch/DCW works?

Financial Services

HCLS (Healthcare and Life Sciences)

Simplified and Faster Utilization Tracking

Security and Governance for Financial Services

Why You Need DCW

Today, Data Modernization and Optimization is an urgent need for organizations to promote scalability and agility for data cloud platforms. As part of the optimization process, organizations need to carefully monitor and govern their data cloud platforms like Snowflake. With DCW, organizations can get detailed operational insights and other account/user-level statistics effortlessly. It is also important to monitor these platforms for governance purposes and notify the administrator of any critical items. DCW provides this operational lifecycle management to data cloud platform customers.

How it Works?

Key Features

Utilization Tracker
Query Performance Monitor
Data Cloud Governance
Health Monitor
Streamlit-based Serverless Deployment [No Installation]
Policies, Users, RBAC & Security, Roles, Recommendations
Sensitive Data Masking

Value Proposition

Health-Check, Security and Governance in single window

SOC2 and HIPPA compliant Streamlit based App

Easy integration with other tool

Scalable for large Data Cloud environments

Highly intuitive user-interface

Real-time statistics

Use Cases

For Banking & Financial Services, cloud-based data strategies have become essential in uncovering actionable analytics insights that improve organizational transparency, security, and efficiency to better compete in the new data economy. It has driven financial services firms to adopt data cloud platforms like Snowflake.

Simplified and faster utilization tracking along with actionable alerts is where DCW stands out. It is a SaaS application that allows users to monitor, analyze and optimize these cloud platforms. In financial services, security and governance are paramount. DCW helps ensure that by offering timely insights on stale data, users, and roles.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations approach their data strategy. Now more than ever, HCLS organizations are poised to reap the benefits of an effective data science approach for optimizing patient care and business outcomes. 

DCW helps healthcare organizations with distributed operations to monitor consumption across various locations and make business decisions for optimization and governance.

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