Modern BI and Creative Ways of Funding BI Migration

Modern BI and Creative Ways of Funding BI Migration

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Today most enterprises, if not all, are looking to retire their Legacy Business Intelligence (BI) and modernize. But they seem to be struggling with the decision, often worried about the upfront costs and whether they can keep the total cost of ownership (TCO) of modern BI low. Lalit Bakshi, Co-Founder & President of USEReady, in this neatly designed flipbook, explores the topic in detail and reveals a hidden truth – clinging to outdated technology can have a far greater cost than modernization.

The author doesn’t stop at the cost of not modernizing. He also goes on to talk about new and creative options available to organizations for funding BI migration.

The article is further enriched by insights from industry leaders like:


Bob Rosetta

Former Executive at
Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase


Chuck Muizers

COO & CFO of
Skylla Engineering


Angel Lorente

Former Executive Director – Finance Innovation & Data Transformation,
Morgan Stanley


Greg Kinney

SVP – Tableau Alliances,

Their combined experience underscores the importance of not just the sticker price of a new BI system, but also the ongoing costs and missed opportunities associated with legacy technology.

This is the second in a series of thought leadership articles on BI Migration. To read the first article that dealt with top BI migration challenges, check out Breaking Away from Legacy BI: 10 Things to Keep in Mind for Successful BI Modernization – with deep enriching insights from industry leaders like Jennifer Lagaly, Chief Revenue Officer, Tableau, Bob Rosetta, former executive at Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase, and Raj Mistry, Global Account Director, Tableau.

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