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Meet USEReady at Tableau Conference 2024

San Diego | April 29 - May 1, 2024

Tableau Conference 2024 is where data professionals, industry leaders, and analytics champions will converge to explore the future of data analytics and AI! Connect with USEReady to discover how we can enhance your Tableau experience with our solution expertise, insights, and personalized recommendations.


This year the USEReady Booth is back at Tableau Conference 2024. Drop by our booth #103 for a glance at USEReady’s cutting-edge offerings that empower you to harness the full potential of your Tableau.

Seamless Tableau Server to Cloud migration

Print-ready reports from Tableau dashboards

Accelerated legacy BI migration program

Data Value

Data Value

Create engaging data experiences, build robust cloud pipelines, fuel data-driven innovations


Decision Intelligence

Empower informed decisions, drive userization and tangible business outcomes with AI


Explore each day’s agenda to make the most of your TC24 experience

Day 1

Deep Dive

Catch live demos of STORM and MigratorIQ, our legacy BI migration offerings at our booth.

Discover Data Futures

Free consultation from Data Value and Decision Intelligence practice leads at our booth.

Meet the Experts

Connect with USEReady leadership, Tableau Ambassadors, and Experts throughout the day!

Day 1 TC2024

Day 2

Tableau Clinic

Drop by the USEReady booth with your Tableau Challenge and our team of experts will offer one-on-one consultations.

Tableau Power Hour

A workshop where you’ll work alongside USEReady specialists on real-world data scenarios. Learn best practices and advanced techniques to gain hands-on experience.

Day 3

Maximize Tableau ROI

Take a deep dive into optimizing your Tableau journey with USEReady experts at our booth.

Network & Solve Challenges

Connect with fellow data enthusiasts, share best practices, and discuss your specific Data and GenAI challenges – all at our booth!


Explore each day’s agenda to make the most of your TC24 experience

Arun Prabhakara

Uday Hegde

Anirban Ghosh

Anirban Ghosh

Anirban Ghosh

Caitlyn Garger

Anirban Ghosh

Kiersten Gruteke

Arun Prabhakara

Lalit Bakshi

Dan Anamitra

Natalie Marsh

Natalie Marsh

Amit Phatak

Santhosh Sekar

Arun Prabhakara

Sarah Colley

Dan Anamitra

Uday Hegde

Amit Phatak


Discover one of the most talked-about topics of the season! Dive into our immersive demonstration of Tableau Pulse, where you can learn first-hand about its benefits and capabilities.


Upcoming Events

Democratizing Actions and Insights with Tableau Pulse (with Generative AI capabilities)
Tableau Server to Cloud: Lift & Shiftversus Tool Based Migration


At USEReady, we don’t just offer solutions; we ignite possibilities. Join us at Tableau Conference 2024 and witness firsthand how we redefine what’s achievable with Tableau. Elevate your analytics game, make informed decisions, and propel your organization toward data brilliance.

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