The world of Data Analytics and Data Science Machine Learning are colliding. Empower your leaders to set up multi-disciplinary teams with a flexible delivery model to make the best business decisions.

With Smart Capacity, you will have access to experts in Business Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, and more.

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Data factory needs have changed


  • The traditional way of delivering and scaling the data factory limits talent to within its model. 
  • The problem? It’s just not scalable as data factory needs diverge from tradition.  

Smart Capacity helps leaders build collaborative teams with flexible insourcing and outsourcing, expanding to a multi-disciplinary problem-solving approach.

We know the importance of hiring exceptional talent, and that’s why we’ve created the Smart Capacity, which provides you the ability to access multi-disciplinary teams and improve inefficiencies 10x.

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Seize the market collision

According to Gartner, “the proliferation of augmented capabilities within analytics, business intelligence, and data science and machine learning products is making once-distinct markets collide. To harness the energy released, data and analytics leaders must anticipate big changes in products, investments, and practices.

To turn the collision of markets, caused by the rise of augmented analytics, into a constructive convergence that propels their organization’s analytics program forward, leaders responsible for analytics, BI and DSML solutions should:

Add augmented analytics to their portfolio and provide comprehensive capabilities across the continuum of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

Incorporate both data and analytics tools and capabilities into the analytics stack. Within the analytics ecosystem, include not only tools but also people and processes to foster communication and collaboration.

Expand analytical capabilities, roles, and processes by focusing on the business priorities and issues to be addressed. Think “end to end” in relation to the analytics life cycle and “top to bottom” in relation to the data and analytics stack.”

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