Navigate the New by implementing AI in your Business!

We are living in unprecedented times and businesses around the world are feeling the impact. The need of the hour is to adapt, be agile, productive, and future-ready. From connectivity and security to improved productivity and automating processes – artificial intelligence as we know it, is changing the world for the better. If you are looking to ride the AI transformation wave, you’ll need a best-in-class portfolio of solutions, services and tools to jumpstart your transformation.


Leading Multinational Bank Integrates Search and Chatbot Capability using NLP/NLU – Driving Customer Engagement and Self-Service.

Looking to effectively manage bank treasury operations processing 20MM transactions worth $3.1 trillion a day, we implemented a ML-driven transaction exception handling to replace manual processes and a superior self-learning cognitive (NLP) engagement experience for internal/external customers – simplifying self-service to lookup transaction and payment status, trends, and other related queries.

AI Chatbot Capability using NLP/NLU

Scale new heights of perfection with AI

The benefits of using AI in business are immense. From Banking and Wealth Management to Capital Markets, Retail, Healthcare, Life sciences, and many more – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions will impact nearly all industries on this planet.

With the ever-increasing amounts of big data, ubiquitous connectivity, and high- performance computing at our disposal, we must leverage intelligent systems that help us stay competitive. Systems armed with artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and virtual assistants help us to add a new level of efficiency and sophistication to our business and everyday life.

Improve customer experience

Improve employee productivity and efficiency

Enhance sales and marketing efforts

Automate fraud detection and compliance auditing and transaction anomaly detection/prediction

Attributes of a successful AI strategy

Don’t reinvent the wheel. When it comes to leveraging the power of AI – take advantage of our ‘ready to use’ industry-specific solutions built by our AI experts. We successfully identify key factors to accelerate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning implementation across the enterprise.

AI is a journey, not just a technology solution

Approach AI as a journey, and to do that you need to take a 360-degree approach that considers people, and the organization’s culture, along with technology and data.

Prototype. Review. Refine

Create rapid prototypes of the AI solution before rolling them out across the entire enterprise. 

Generate short-term wins

AI technology will significantly enhance your existing business over time, but it will start showing improvements in the processes almost immediately after your AI implementation. 

Change is the only constant – plan for it

Plan for substantial change-management challenges as you begin to scale and open the solution to more and more users.  

Seek expert help

Don’t embark on the journey alone. Connect and grow together with partners who share a similar vision and tons of real-world experience. 


Leading Bank's Payment Health Monitoring Team Modernized Transactional Flow Process with ML-driven Automation and Prediction.

Using ML-driven automation and implementing effective prediction models, we helped automate transaction exception detection and prediction, significantly improving the bank’s transactional flow process. Our solution transformed a highly manual led process that was bound by a set of hard coded rules – empowering the banks workforce to be a lot more efficient and accurate

AI in Banking and Finance

AI Ready with USEReady

Champion all data-driven decisions in the most perfect and productive manner. By harnessing the power of AI, machine learning, and deep learning you can unlock the true value of enterprise data as you successfully enact decisions that keep you ahead of the competition.


  • Recommendation
  • Fraud Detection
  • Recognition
  • Prediction
  • Diagnosis
  • Forecasting
  • Anomaly Detection

Meaningfully converse with and convert customers as you improve customer engagement and satisfaction. With natural language processing and virtual assistants, you can capture leads, cross-sell / up-sell, aid product discovery, launch-smart promotions, schedule reminders, and do a lot more.


  • Augmented Analytics
  • Chat Bot
  • Voice Virtual Assistants
  • AI Integrated Contact Center

USEReady understands your business automation use cases require more than just automating spreadsheet data entry. We help organizations on their path to intelligent process automation, combining machine learning, RPA, and automated data ingestion to truly automate end-to-end business processes and workflows.


  • Enterprise Automation Roadmap
  • Process readiness for automation
  • ML Model Engineering
  • Holistic, integrated automation
    technology solutions
  • Bot Engineering

Customer Success Stories

The world has started feeling the impact of AI and our customers have started achieving repeatable success by working with USEReady’s experienced AI team

AI in Banking and Finance

Leading Bank's Payment Health Monitoring Team Modernized Transactional Flow Process with ML-driven Automation and Prediction

AI Chatbot Capability using NLP/NLU

Leading Multinational Bank Integrates Search and Chatbot Capability using NLP/NLU – Driving Customer Engagement and Self-Service.

Build the right thing,
build the thing right.

Build the right thing, build the thing right.

USEReady is your strategic and tactical, long-term partner. We build and deploy cutting-edge solutions, as well as guide and support your users through your AI transformation – guaranteeing long-term success across the enterprise. Our approach to consulting services helps you to easily achieve the maximum value with AI and data platforms.


  • Vision Mapping
  • Business Objectives
  • Stakeholder Viewpoints
  • Ecosystem Assessments
  • Target-state co-creation


  • Low, medium and highfidelity wireframes
  • Cloud-optimized architecture
  • Clean, powerful user-centric designs
  • Business value articulation
  • Gain stakeholder consensus


  • Artificial intelligence roadmap 
  • Prioritize workloads on value, complexity, speed & cost
  • Elaborate sprint planning
  • KPIs and measurement plan


  • ‘Light agile’ execution approach
  • Iterative & incremental future releases
  • Daily standups
  • Team on standby during/post go-live


  • Change Management
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Training Activities
  • Leadership Engagement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Measurement



Release innovation from within your organization with Machine Learning on AWS

Machine learning is the engine behind AI. As a general-purpose technology, we can apply machine learning to many different scenarios to fuel innovation and create new capabilities. Discover how businesses today plan to use AI and ML to make better decisions, unlock data in text and speech, identify anomalies, recommend products, predict maintenance, and much more.

Machine Learning on AWS

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Greg Kinney, USEReady

Greg Kinney

SVP of Sales, Digital Solutions

Over 25 years of success in all aspects of technology and solution sales, including enterprise software sales, software implementation projects, and systems integration programs.As a sales leader, I have met or exceeded quota and performance goals at every stage of my career by working closely with my customers to develop strategies that will maximize their competitive advantage in their space. 

Jeff Meck, USEReady

Jeff Meck

Business Automation Solutions Lead

A visionary IT and management consulting executive with over 25 years of proven experience leading and delivering IT solutions and digital transformations across Financial Services, Healthcare and Manufacturing verticals. An innovative IT strategist, solution architect and skilled change agent who can synthesize industry trends and innovation opportunities, and align and adapt IT and the business to meet changing needs.

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