People Analytics

Workforce and Workplace Transformation through Data

‘Work’ is changing,
and so should HR

Continuously Shifting Talent Landscapes Have Handicapped our HR Departments

Dynamic markets have overwhelmed organizations today, forcing us to rethink strategies when it comes to hiring and retaining top talent. Most organizations and HR functions aren’t prepared to navigate present markets and seem to fall short staying competitive.

55 HR professionals agree they are either unsure how to, or are not equipped to, lead the organizational transformation
36 HR professionals blame insufficient technology for their inability to automate and organize people programs
70 of companies now say they consider people analytics to be a high priority, but only 9% of companies believe they have a good understanding of which talent dimensions drive performance in their organizations.

Drive transformation
through data

Existing traditional 'instinct-based' approach just won’t cut it anymore. Wrong workforce decisions can be very costly.

Data, if expertly used and applied with good judgement, can add lot of strategic value to not only the HR department, but also the entire organization. HR leaders can ensure healthier performance, promote diversity, and future-proof their business through successful workforce and workplace transformation.

USEReady, your go-to
People Analytics Partner

Better understand the human aspect of HR with USEReady.

USEReady is focused on helping organizations to digitally transform. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies we’re capable of offering you unconventional yet highly innovative solutions, at speed. At the same time, we assist you to effectively optimize your processes and meet industry disruption with ease.

Adapt. Transform. Modernize.

Stay competitive, make faster decisions, apply new insights
and streamline your processes. USEReady understands what it takes!

Industry Insights and Benchmarks
Improved recruiting effectiveness
Quality talent and acquisition rates
Employee satisfaction and retention
Effective deployment and utilization of talent
Higher quality, Lower costs HR services
Collaboration and performance improvement

Experience Summary


Diversity Analytics

  • Clear understanding of hiring can be
    adjusted to ensure workplace diversity
  • Provided diversity metrics readily
    accessible to managers
  • Empowered the firm with valuable
    information assisting in talented hiring
  • Promoted diversity across the firm

Attrition Analytics

  • Identified primary factors causing people
    to leave the firm
  • Understood factors behind employee
    attrition and implementing appropriate measures
  • Increase in overall workplace satisfaction
    and employee retention
  • Improved HR solutions led to key
    changes and improvements in management

Workforce Planning Analytics

  • Assisted and helped accomplish calculate
    the Year End employee headcount based
    on recruiting process
  • Helped the firm to make strategic
    decisions with respect to – infrastructure
    planning, staff planning, project planning

Recruiting Funnel Analytics

  • Improved understanding of the
    relationship between the volume of
    applications received during hiring
    process and their rate of conversion to
    actual hires
  • Tracking different stages of hiring process
    every year
  • Helped the firm to predict if they will
    meet their annual target or not
  • Further assisted the firm to take
    appropriate measures accordingly

Campus Recruiting Analytics

  • Devised indicators and helped with
    predicting which candidates go on to
    become high vs. low performers / who
    will stay vs. who will leave
  • Established relationships between
    successful hires and performance /
    retention – reducing time and resources
    spent in the hiring process

Lateral Recruiting Analytics

  • Helped understand which recruiting
    sources result in efficient hiring
  • Successful identifying of which job roles
    take more time and cost to fill a job
  • Effectively planned recruiting timelines
    and budgeting

Move Forward and
Scale with USEReady

Domain Expertise

Our extensive industry experience and work across multiple organizations helps us identify high-performance drivers with ease – empowering you to tackle challenges related to hiring and developing talent.

Strategic Guidance

We understand your organizational strategy, assess current conditions, and accordingly plan and implement a HR strategy to complement your business goals – a critical step that determines long-term success.

Operational Excellence

There is no single best-practice operating model. We help you develop a purpose-fit management model/ playbook in order to improve organization performance through management clarity, alignment, and standardization.

Big Data

Leverage vast amounts of exponentially growing data to make better business decisions.


Experience transformative advantages as you apply new technologies in innovative ways.

Business Intelligence

Look at and understand your data for all its worth through visually insightful analytics.

Artificial Intelligence

Transform and improve people and technology relationships through the use of ML and NLP.

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