Your business likely is already taking advantage of the cloud to store, access and share data, but are you using the cloud effectively to improve business intelligence and analytics? Cloud-based applications have transformed the way businesses operate on many levels, but the opportunities available through BI and analytics may not be fully realized. At USEReady, we strive to help each valued client modernize their data storage and analytical systems, and this includes BI applications.

The Impact of Cloud on BI

As is the case with the cloud’s impact on other essential operational activities, the impact on business intelligence can be profound. Through maximum optimization of the cloud on your business intelligence activities, you could potentially realize these effects:

  • A cost-effective solution to scale data storage and processing
  • Improved protection of vital data
  • The ability to accommodate regular streams of new data into your warehouse while organizing and processing that data
  • The ability to handle increasing volumes of data without burdening your current infrastructure
  • The simplified ability to connect to new data sources in any location
  • The scalability of exploring new technologies while containing costs and progressing at a faster rate

The Benefits of Cloud Data Platforms

Your ability to compete directly with market leaders, to enjoy healthy growth and to satisfy your customers’ evolving needs is rooted in your ability to gather as much relevant data as possible and to analyze that data quickly and thoroughly. When you move your business intelligence infrastructure to the cloud, you may benefit in these ways:

  • Improved efficiency, which promotes agility and financial savings
  • Enhanced data management
  • Bolstered data security
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Reasonable Goals for your BI migration to the Cloud

Setting reasonable goals for your BI migration to the cloud enables you to lay the foundation for an effective process that progressively moves toward desired objectives. While each business will have unique goals, these are general goals that may be customized specifically for your business:

  • Pull data from a CRM or a similar platform into a cloud-based data warehouse
  • Create intuitive steps that continue to gather and organize new data
  • Prepare a customizable platform that enables rapid analysis and report generation

What to Expect from Cloud Migration

Our BI experts at USEReady have the experience and insight necessary to guide you through your upcoming BI cloud migration project. We take the time to form a firm understanding of your goals, objectives and challenges so that we can create and execute an effective plan. When you entrust USEReady with your BI cloud migration project, you can expect:

  • To receive tailored BI services focused on your goals
  • To improve your business’s operational efficiency while maximizing the benefits of big data
  • To operate with greater agility in a competitive marketplace


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