Even with easy access to the superior training resources and on-demand support services that we offer, you may occasionally have an in-depth or complicated analytical project that requires a level of expertise that is not available in-house. USEReady is available to supplement the skills of your employees by providing you with the services of an extended data team upon request.

Understanding the Qualifications of Our Extended Data Team

USEReady is focused on customer satisfaction before, during and after the deployment. Our extended data team can work closely with your in-house professionals as needed to help you maximize all benefits of big data analytics. We uphold rigorous requirements for each member of our extended data team to ensure that you have the expert-level support that you need, and these include:

  • Completing a thorough training program to ensure mastery
  • Maintaining extensive, in-depth knowledge on all relevant products and solutions
  • Having experience across multiple industries and business verticals
  • Having a solid desire to provide superior results for clients while also maintaining excellent and open communication at all times

Using Our Extended Data Team Services Advantageously

Our extended data team is one of the many services that we provide to ensure that clients have the capability to utilize analytics for all of their needs. By requesting assistance from our extended data team, you can:

  • Maintain the relevancy of your big data platform with updates as needed
  • Find innovative and efficient ways to continue to benefit from machine learning and big data for enhanced data visualization and analytics
  • Access expert-level assistance that is perfectly adapted to meet all of your current needs
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Requesting Assistance for Your Analytics Needs

Your ability to extract solid, comprehensive insights is essential to business growth, superior ROI and more. However, your team will not always have the extensive knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your objectives. At USEReady, we are focused on delivering expert-level assistance when you need it. When you request support from our professionals today, you can expect:

  • Our team to take time assessing your unique needs before determining a suitable solution
  • Respectful, courteous service from a team that takes time to educate you along the way for ongoing training and development
  • A prompt response followed by focused attention until your needs are met


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