Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud Migration

STORM is an automation tool as part of the Plan → Migrate → Validate framework to move Dashboards from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud. It allows you to Plan, Migrate and Validate your move from on-prem to cloud while automating steps in the framework for a fast, consistent and seamless process.

We have authored a book to share with you our learnings on Tableau Migration. It has detailed inputs on the Plan → Migrate → Validate framework which will be helpful in successful Tableau migrations for your organization.

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Key Features

Plan-Migrate-Validate Framework

Built using Plan-Migrate-Validate framework which allows content tagging, validation of users & permissions, and automated migration with data quality checks.

Progress and Alerts Mechanism

Monitor progress of automated migration and get alerted for errors & warnings.

Workbook Best Practices Checks

Checks for users & groups, extract refreshes, data-driven alerts, subscriptions, views & metrics, site settings and embedded credentials.

Capacity Based Model

A purpose built POD of migration experts for varying complexity and scale.

Benefits of Tableau Modernization

  • 65% savings in effort and time by using automation
  • Curated portfolio of dashboards and reports
  • End-to-end approach takes the worry out of conversion to Tableau Cloud

Software Releases

We are an Award Winning Tableau Partner

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As a Tableau Partner, USEReady helps organizations to generate valuable insights through BI, Analytics Strategy and Data Consulting. We have won 4 Tableau Partner of the year awards, including Tableau’s Strategic Partner of the Year in 2020.

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TS to TC Migration

STORM is an automation tool to move from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud. It allows you to Plan, Migrate and Validate your move.

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