‘Lift and Shift’ is never the end state when it comes to Migration

The term ‘lift and shift’ implies that you move data or reports from one environment to another, without making improvements other than the change of location.

STORM: PLAN The first essential step for successful Tableau migration

The “Plan” phase of #STORM helps in the development of a migration plan, defining the most efficient way to migrate the Tableau assets and the best way to prioritize them.

STORM: MIGRATE The core step of a successful Tableau migration

STORM allows you to first configure the source and destination connections for migration. The components to be migrated are tagged and validated by STORM for data quality check before migration.

STORM: VALIDATE The finale of a successful Tableau migration

“Validate”, is the final stage of the “Plan → Migrate → Validate” framework which involves quality assurance and production transition of migrated Tableau Content to the Tableau Cloud.

STORM: A Practitioner's Guide to Migrate from Tableau Server to Cloud

At USEReady, we have developed a framework "Plan-Migrate-Validate" to capture this migration process and created a platform called "STORM (Server To Online Report Migration)"