Immersive data insights delivered at the speed of business

Easily transform large amounts of data into highly actionable and value-driven insights. At USEReady, we believe in a culture of self-service BI that’s driven through modern BI applications, predictive analytics, advanced analytics, and the latest that today’s BI markets have to offer.

Competitive Intelligence to gain that Competitive Advantage

To stay on top – it’s more than just implementing a business intelligence tool within our processes, it’s important to understand the technology and how it can seamlessly blend into our existing ecosystem to higher add value.
Our proven business intelligence services and solutions help organizations successfully build and implement BI within their business – empowering you to find exactly what you’re looking for in the most meaningful way.

Make only the most informed and best business decisions. At USEReady, we help you build great data visualizations that help paint the bigger picture. Effectively leverage our best-in-class business intelligence processes and techniques when it comes to insightful data discovery.

Go beyond the basics as you identify trends and highlight the data points that require your immediate action to uncover actionable insights right when you need it for those ‘light bulb moments’.

  • Define the right metrics and business goals
  • Construct user-centric compelling narratives
  • Create perfect user experience and user interface
  • Make use of today’s leading interactive dashboard
  • Improve and optimize performance issues
  • Deploy and integrate with existing BI systems
  • Leverage comprehensive Tableau consulting services

Effective data preparation is hard. On average, data analysts spend 80% of their time preparing data than on actual analysis. This leads to a lack of innovation within the enterprise and mismanagement of people resources – and here’s where we come in.

With our proven business intelligence services, we help to chart out a clear data-driven strategy and build a foundation for business growth. With the right tools and industry best practices, we help accelerate the process of data preparation.

Analysts soon find new freed up time to focus on actual data analysis and insights that help business users to make faster and better decisions. Replace what’s dated with current industry practices, modernizing your data management to meet changing market pace.

  • Define a clear business intelligence strategy and roadmap, which aligns with the business goals
  • Review and audit existing data strategy and analytics to identify inconsistencies, anomalies, and incompleteness
  • Connect and combine data from all your sources, including cloud, on-prem, and proprietary data sources, to build a single source of truth
  • Automate repetitive workflows throughout the organization, saving you time and money
  • Make data more accessible at all levels with access controls and strong governance

Business intelligence allows us to leverage data as a strategic asset to help us make better decisions, forecast business outcomes, and build a smarter enterprise.

By applying state-of-the-art techniques, tools, and technology through the lens of our extensive industry experience – USEReady provides every business user with effective ways to analyze and model business events using internal and external data.

From customer experience to employee engagement to every facet of your operations, data science and advanced data analytics can help you turn your data into a true competitive advantage. Some of the use cases, that we have enabled for our customers, include:

  • Churn prediction
  • Recommendation system
  • Customer segmentation
  • Lifetime value optimization
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Credit Scoring
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Marketing campaign optimization

Over time the business environment has intrinsically become tied to the technological industry, this has forced us to function in an industry where the landscape is always changing. A company’s requirement to function with cutting edge embedded analytical frameworks is imperative in order to stay competitive in the market.

USEReady helps you meet market demands at an accelerated pace. Significantly improving the core value of your business as our BI consultants and experts assist you to rapidly and securely embed rich data visualizations, reporting, charts, and interactive dashboards into your software applications. Embedded analytics with USEReady is super seamless and highly customizable. We give you ultimate control over the functionality and UI, such that you can configure them to match your existing applications.

  • Add value to your everyday applications, setting you apart from the competition
  • Enjoy seamless integration, where all your analytical capabilities look built-in
  • Effectively integrate BI capabilities into user applications & systems
  • Shortened deployment time with modern embedded analytics
  • Save costs and resources with low total cost of ownership

Business intelligence is more than just a BI tool that once implemented will results in a better business decision – just like your goals, it’s a business process that’s constantly evolving and updating.

USEReady modernizes your BI, with strategies that force your organization to be a lot more agile, effective, and transform when required.

Align innovation and technological activities such that they are synced with business strategies and goals; boosting your path towards successful digital transformation.

  • Migrate data to new and improved BI analytical platforms
  • Incorporate new guidelines for data discovery and business analytics
  • Improved ability to visualize analytical results
  • Integrate AI and Machine Learning into existing Business Intelligence
  • Migrate to the cloud

Optimizing User Adoption

Effective user adoption is essential to any company’s competitiveness, profitability, and relevance to moving forward. Our managed offerings empower you with the technical know-how to make your on-boardings, making them as seamless as possible, across the board.

AI Chatbot – Access to insights when & where you need it

Overcome critical challenges faced throughout the user journey when it comes to BI implementation. Our intuitive AI-powered chatbot harnesses the power of advanced Machine Learning and AI technology to have all queries and requests responded to in real-time.

The ability to deploy our AI Chatbot on an existing business intelligence solution, along with the added advantage to be completely customize to your context helps boost the overall adoption of your BI software/platform, making users a lot more productive and technically proficient.

Skill Belt – A Gamification Approach to Self-Learning

USEReady helps organizations that are frequently challenged by inconsistent skill levels among its business users through our Skill Belt Program.

A gamification platform for self-learning, our Skill Belt, is designed for organizations to deliver a structured educational framework at scale, enabling users to learn the critical skills necessary to be successful at their job.

A Practitioners Guide to Tableau Blueprint

As Tableau’s trusted gold partner, USEReady assists information technology and business leaders in developing high-performing teams, and a robust culture of self-service and community across the organization. Download the Tableau Blueprint Guide

Resource Center – Fostering Collective Intelligence

As we look to better business performance, it is essential to bring everyone within the enterprise analytics to work together. The Resource Center helps foster collective intelligence and learning – it’s a place where business users can find the experts across their organization at the click of a button.
A completely integrated solution our Resource Center is a place where users can explore and learn from a vast and detailed collection of resources.

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