Making Education Institutions Nimble by Leveraging the Power of Business Intelligence Tools

Navigating the Complex Landscape of Higher Education

Adapting to the New Normal: COVID-19 Challenges in Education

The Imperative of Agility in Higher Education Institutions

Enhancing Efficiency: The Role of Business Intelligence in Education

Overcoming Hurdles: Strategies for Educational Institutions

Empowering Education Leaders with Data-Driven Solutions

Colleges and universities face a fresh cluster of challenges in these turbulent times.

Governments, parents, students, industries, and taxpayers continue to demand that higher-education institutions do more with less. The demands keep escalating—more class offerings, larger facilities, better faculty pay, more revenue-generating research, smaller budgets, and higher employee morale.

Amid these hurdles, educational institutions must also address the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic, which demands quick decisions. “Should we go to hybrid classes? Remote? How do we make up lost revenue if students refuse to return? How do we handle an influx of possibly infected students? How can we enforce mask rules?”

Education institutions (EIs) must be nimbler and discover new ways to leverage powerful business Intelligence (BI) tools to simplify administrative workloads and reduce labor-intensive tasks such as the creation of reports and university datasets.

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Use Cases

  • University Transcript is a student’s permanent academic record, detailing courses taken, grades received, honors received, and degrees conferred to the student. Of course, it’s essential for every student, especially when dealing with the increase in transfers brought about by the pandemic.
  • University Class List provides a simple and high-level view of class schedules, capturing details such as student name, email ID, major, class description, graduate level, and credit hours. Such a detailed report can be challenging and time consuming to produce at scale. Among other problems, the COVID crisis is throwing college scheduling into a new level of chaos because students and administrators must juggle class loads and sections, creating a need for agile reporting solutions.

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Enhancing Efficiency through BI in Education

Streamlining Operations: BI Tools for Education Institutions

Driving Innovation: Leveraging BI in Education

Transcripts can be easily printed on security paper, with transcript legends adhering to all specifications, including university logo, headers, footers, and TLFs (tables, listings, and figures).

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