Convert Tableau dashboard into ready-to-be printed high-precision reports for audit, compliance and ad-hoc reporting requirements

Achieve Pixel Perfect accuracy with Pixel Perfect

Understanding your data has never been as important as it is today. Companies have turned to Tableau, a leading data analytics platform that helps you interpret your data easily for faster and better insights.

But, if you work in an industry that is highly regulated, you will know that traditional reporting is indispensable. You will need:

  • Perfectly formatted reports ready to be printed for audit, compliance and ad-hoc reporting requirements
  • Features like pagination, page numbers, repeatable headers, footnotes, pixel perfect tables, listings & more
  • Ability to generate and distribute reports in popular formats like PDF, MS PPT, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML and JSON

USEReady’s Pixel Perfect complements Tableau’s interactive visualization capabilities to deliver high-precision pixel perfect reports within Tableau. You can present your data in just the way you need it, whenever you need it. Whether you need this data for decision making within your organization or presenting to external stakeholders, Pixel Perfect has got you covered!

How It Works

Step 1

Slice and dice by selecting appropriate
filters in your dashboard

Step 2

Simply click on the Pixel Perfect buttons to
generate perfectly formatted reports with
pagination, page numbers, headers, footnotes etc. in your preferred format like :

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