Tableau Migration to Cloud using STORM

On-Demand Webinar |  14 December, 2022

For years Tableau customers have been asking for a trusted and proven migration path to Tableau Cloud. Customers are anxious to leave infrastructure planning, management, and maintenance behind in search of a solution that can scale with their organization’s analytics needs.

Watch the webinar discussion by guest speaker Scott Smith of Tableau on the importance of Cloud Migration and how the STORM platform can reduce risk, minimize migration timelines, and jumpstart your journey into Tableau Cloud.

Our expert team will help identify opportunities to maximize a migration’s impact and fully capture the value of a cloud-native Tableau solution.

In this webinar we had discussed:

  • The USEReady developed framework ‘Plan Migrate Validate’ for a repeatable migration process
  • STORM (Server to Online Report Migration) tool functionality
  • Best practices to plan and migrate assets & analytics from on-premises to Tableau Cloud

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Webinar Speakers

Scott Smith

Product Manager, Tableau Cloud, Tableau

Anirban Ghosh

Anirban Ghosh

Solution Owner, USEReady

Andy Vadul

Solutions Principal & CTO, USEReady