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Migrating to Tableau Cloud can be a challenging journey, and doing it manually comes with risks such as incomplete migration, content loss, and cost and time overruns. An accelerator can expedite migration from on-prem to cloud while automating steps in the framework for a fast, consistent, and seamless process.

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Here's why you need STORM

STORM is an automation tool as part of the Plan → Migrate → Validate framework to move Dashboards from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud. It allows you to Plan, Migrate and Validate your move from on-prem to cloud while automating steps in the framework for a fast, consistent and seamless process.

How it Works?

Key Features

Storm Navigator a free migration assessment engine

Storm Optimizer which assess existing Tableau ecosystem for optimization

Storm Organizer a free content clean-up accelerator to expedite the migration

Progress and Alerts Mechanism to track migration

Value Proposition

65% savings in time and effort via automation

Curated portfolio of dashboards and reports

Worry-free, hassle-free conversion to Tableau Cloud

Planned migration approach eliminates service interruptions

Priced by Users or Data Stores to fit unique organizational requirements

1 day TAT for free migration effort estimate and discovery

Success Stories

Major US Airline migrates 800+ dashboards to Tableau Cloud 

  • Worked with Tableau COE to identify and prioritize business needs
  • Used Assessment accelerator to prioritize and plan migration
  • Executed Optimizer accelerator to enhance dashboard and data source performance
  • Migrated business-critical reports

Global youth non-profit migration from on-prem to tableau cloud

  • Worked closely with BI COE to establish migration plan and user communication.
  • Used Organizer accelerator to restructure assets to save cost and effort.
  • Executed pre-migration evaluation, migration and post-migration testing and training for users by Business Unit


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STORM: A Practitioner’s Guide to Migrate from Tableau Server to Cloud

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