BI Modernization and Self-Service Reporting: A Pixel Perfect for Tableau Success Story

Blog | December 13, 2023 | By Anirban Ghosh, Tanmay Ayare

Unlocking Success: BI Modernization and Self-Service Reporting with Tableau

Achieving Excellence with Pixel-Perfect in Tableau

BI Modernization and Pixel-Perfect Reporting

BI Modernization with Tableau

Tableau Success in BI Modernization and Reporting

In the ever-evolving world of digital infrastructure, embracing modern Business Intelligence (BI) and self-service reporting is crucial for staying ahead. In this blog, we want to share the story of a global datacenter and network communication services provider and its BI modernization journey enabled by Pixel Perfect for Tableau. The organization partnered with USEReady, which led its migration to Tableau and implemented Pixel Perfect, our revolutionary reporting extension. The solution empowered Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) to create and distribute print-ready, well-formatted reports directly from the Tableau dashboard, resulting in improved reporting performance, user satisfaction, and cost savings.

Navigating the Landscape of BI Modernization

Empowering Users with Self-Service Reporting

The Journey to Pixel-Perfect Visualizations in Tableau

The Customer: A Global Digital Infrastructure Giant

Our story begins with one of the world’s top datacenter and network communication services provider, a heavyweight on the S&P 500 index. Operating 248 datacenters across five continents, this organization serves over 10,000 customers, enabling businesses worldwide to build and interconnect the digital infrastructures that power their success.

Business Challenge: Legacy BI Systems Holding Back Progress

The customer was grappling with multiple legacy BI platforms that had become cumbersome and costly to maintain. Generating reports across various business functions and for diverse stakeholders had become slow and complex. Additionally, the existing systems required users to install a Microsoft Access-based reporting application, which was both time-consuming and inefficient for daily/weekly reporting needs.

Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) faced significant challenges, including long turnaround times (TAT), high latency, and poor user experience (UX). They needed a faster and more accessible way to access data from various sources, such as customer feedback, service tickets, SLA compliance, and datacenter health. Furthermore, they needed to create and distribute reports that were consistent, accurate, and compliant with the corporate branding standards.

USEReady Solution: Modernization and Self-Service Reporting

USEReady stepped in to facilitate the transition from legacy BI platforms to Tableau, a modern and powerful data visualization tool. In addition to this migration, USEReady empowered SDMs with self-service BI reporting through Pixel Perfect for Tableau, a Tableau extension that allowed users to create precise, well-formatted, print-ready reports directly within the Tableau dashboard.

With Pixel Perfect, SDMs gained the ability to generate Pixel Perfect Reports complete with custom cover pages, indexes, summary sections, and branded headers and footers. This extension also allowed for the creation of paginated datacenter health reports. To ensure consistency and compliance, Pixel Perfect offered legacy look-alike customized charts, such as bullet charts, sparklines, and heat maps. Furthermore, the solution enabled automated delivery of daily summary reports via email to various stakeholders, resulting in improved compliance and user satisfaction.

USEReady Solution: Modernization and Self-Service Reporting 001
USEReady Solution: Modernization and Self-Service Reporting 002
USEReady Solution: Modernization and Self-Service Reporting 003

Impact: Retiring Legacy Systems and Boosting Performance

Thanks to Pixel Perfect for Tableau, the customer achieved several remarkable outcomes:

  • Retirement of Legacy BI: The customer was able to leave behind its legacy BI systems and embrace modern BI, significantly improving its efficiency and agility.
  • Empowerment of SDMs: Self-service reporting for SDMs brought about newfound capabilities and autonomy, ensuring faster data access and report generation.
  • Report Performance Improvement: Report performance surged by a remarkable 80%, thanks to the streamlined processes enabled by Pixel Perfect.
  • Enhanced User Satisfaction and Adoption: The self-service capabilities enhanced user satisfaction and adoption across the organization, improving overall engagement.
  • Cost Savings and Resource Utilization: By retiring legacy systems, the organization achieved cost savings and better resource utilization, contributing to higher productivity.

Lessons Learned: The Power of Pixel Perfect

This implementation exemplifies the transformative capabilities of Pixel Perfect for Tableau, extending the reporting capabilities of Tableau itself. It showcases how Pixel Perfect’s self-service reporting feature can empower users and help organizations comply with corporate standards by ensuring report consistency and accuracy. This case study serves as a testament to the pivotal role that Pixel Perfect can play in modernizing BI platforms like Tableau, freeing organizations from the constraints of legacy infrastructure for formatted reporting needs.

A Happy Customer!

In the words of a representative from the customer organization, “Unifying platforms – Pixel Perfect allowed us to adopt Tableau as one single enterprise reporting tool. Pixel Perfect allowed us to completely retire our legacy reporting infrastructure. We reduced costs and freed up bandwidth for better resource utilization and productivity.”


The Beginning of the Journey

Self-Service Reporting Empowerment

Achieving Pixel-Perfect Visualizations

Key Milestones in BI Modernization

User Success Stories and Insights

The success story of this global digital infrastructure leader showcases the tremendous impact of modernizing BI and embracing self-service reporting. With the help of USEReady and Pixel Perfect for Tableau, this organization was able to retire legacy systems, streamline reporting, boost performance, and enhance user satisfaction. In an era where digital infrastructure plays a pivotal role in business success, this transformation is a testament to the power of modern BI solutions.

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