The State of the Data Warehouse

The State of the Data Warehouse

As the volume and types of business data have increased at a phenomenal pace, and the cost to store that data has plummeted, businesses have looked to data analytics to gain new insights into their customers and operations.

When asked about the importance of their data warehouse to business operations, almost all those responsible for data initiatives indicated that it was important, including almost three quarters who characterized it as very important.

The following report, from Snowflake Computing, is based on a survey of 319 individuals with responsibility for data initiatives. The goal of the survey was to understand experiences, challenges and trends in data warehousing and data analytics. Key findings in this whitepaper include:

• Data warehouses are still critically important, but challenges remain
• Plenty of interest in Big Data, but with limited investment
• Cloud-based data warehousing desirable, especially for data in the cloud

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