6 Steps to Faster Data Blending for Tableau

6 Steps to Faster Data Blending for Tableau

Data blending is the process of combining data from multiple sources to create actionable analytic datasets. For Tableau users, this is a critical and often time-consuming process.

Tableau offers analysts the ability to deliver incredible insights to their organizations. As decision makers recognize the value of Tableau’s visual analytics, analysts must find ways of dealing with increasing volumes of data, and complexity of the data required. Forcing many analysts to spend many days dealing with:

• Long waits for the right data for their analysis
• Manual preparation and integration of different data sets
• Lack of the advanced analytics that many decisions require

Alteryx provides self-service advanced data blending capabilities required to reduce the time and effort to create the perfect dataset for a Tableau visualization. This cookbook shows you how you can get started with faster data blending for Tableau.

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