Reinventing the Data Warehouse

Reinventing the Data Warehouse

When it comes to managing todays data, and how it is used, current data warehousing solutions simply can’t keep up. Based on assumptions and technologies from decades ago, conventional data warehouses are ill-equipped to bring together all of the data you need to analyze and to support all of the different ways in which you need to use the data.

The truth is, data has changed and traditional data warehouses aren’t enough while conventional solutions are simply too costly, inflexible and complex for today’s – not to mention – tomorrow’s data.

Cloud infrastructure is the perfect platform for constructing the ideal data warehouse. Cloud infrastructure helps deliver near-unlimited resources on demand, in minutes and you pay only for what you use.

Reimagine your data warehouse with Snowflake. If you were to start over, architecting the ideal data warehouse for today’s and tomorrow’s data needs, it would have to be truly elastic, store and process all your data and be self-service friendly.

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