Extreme Availability: Delivering a Resilient Data Warehouse Service

Extreme Availability: Delivering a Resilient Data Warehouse Service

“Although traditional data warehousing as well as “big data” solutions can provide some degree of data protections and resiliency within the system itself, they require the customer to take on a significant share of responsibility for ensuring availability.

Single-server databases may provide some degree of resilience against data loss, particularly when paired with an external storage system, but their single server architecture puts the burden on the customer to implement, deploy and maintain them in a way that allows failover in the case of server failure.

The answer? Cloud infrastructure makes possible new capabilities for ensuring availability. It provides multiple datacenters connected by high-performing networks, where each datacenter contains a huge pool of low-cost, commodity hardware.

Snowflake was designed from the start to be a highly available data warehousing service in the cloud. Discover how Snowflake has built comprehensive fault tolerance and resiliency into its product, eliminating the need for customers to shoulder responsibility for ensuring that the data warehouse and data in it are always available.

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