Data Analytics Usage in Healthcare – January 2019

Data Analytics Usage in Healthcare – January 2019

This research was conducted online among U.S hospitals and acute care facilities. Qualified respondents are employed in IT/cybersecurity, informatics, clinical and business-related job functions. Qualified respondents receive an email from HIMSS Media inviting them to participate in the research. Participants were offered an incentive for completing the survey (opportunity to win one of five $100 Amazon gift cards)

The key takeaways form this paper include:

• Top data analytics priorities focus on patient outcomes, costs, and revenue cycle management.
• Confidence in data analytics capabilities trails as complexity mounts with most success at the earliest, descriptive analytics stage.
• Meaningful analytics requires 6 data sources on average but just 3 out of 10 are highly successful at democratizing data from the entire organization.
• Data analytics barriers center on upskilling data management and integration. Organizations are often investing in self-service analytics tools and integrated HER platforms to address these challenges.
• Only a minority are highly satisfied with their existing analytics tools. There is room to improve on data analytics tools/ platforms to enable faster, automated, self-service capabilities.

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