A Radical Guide to Data Analytics Mastery

A Radical Guide to Data Analytics Mastery

According to the Gallup State of the Global Workplace report, 87% of us are disengaged at work – what about your job? According to research, an analyst spends 90% of the work week on data-related activities, chasing the dream of actionable insight. What’s worse, most of this time is zapped from only the first step in the analytics process – gathering and preparing data.

Spreadsheets are one way to calculate and manipulate numeric data into insight to make decisions. Fifty-four million analysts and data workers all over the world have built up their expertise to use spreadsheets for complex analytical tasks.

But you’ve probably pushed a tool that’s perfect for calculating and manipulating data past its limit. Heavy data cleansing and processing, blending multiple data sources, and joining multiple datasets is a lot to ask of your spreadsheets. Simply put, spreadsheets have their limits, and they ’re probably testing yours.

Ream more to discover six new ways to think beyond rows and columns and improve spreadsheet myopia.

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