A Brief Guide To Innovating Tax With Analytics

A Brief Guide To Innovating Tax With Analytics

Tackling everyday data challenges such as sales, tax regulatory filings, account reconciliations, compliance, and audit is difficult enough. The extremely manual nature of gathering data reduces your teams time to mine the data for value, which means there’s no time to discover ways to reduce risk while increasing value and generations proactive insights such as tax savings opportunities.

Capitalizing on all reams of data and transforming it into actionable insights – everything from predicting tax obligation to automating expense allocations and calculating appointments seems out of reach when mired in a data swamp.

It’s time to move beyond manual processes before the skillset of your tax team depreciates in value. Take control of your tax challenges and transform your team’s focus from manual data-gathering and spreadsheet-driven manipulation to repeatable, collaborative process using self-service analytics.

Discover how Alteryx’s self-service analytics assists you to live out your tax manifesto – allowing you to:

• Deliver the insights your business needs
• Combine multiple tax data sources pain-free
• Stop manually reviewing data
• Be prepared for any audit, any time
• Strategize for the future, not the past

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