7 Criteria to Consider When Embedding BI

7 Criteria to Consider When Embedding BI

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Your competition has rolled out whiz-bang new visual analytics with shiny dials and colors. There may or may not be deep value beneath their glimmering, new features—there may be nothing wrong with your application—yet you’ve heard reports from your salespeople that they’re struggling to win deals because there is so much perceived value wrapped into these analytics features you’re not offering.

Your decision to add new visual analytics, dashboards, and reporting is simple compared to your next decision: buy or build? Technology-driven organizations face this choice all the time. Of course, and there are traditional criteria; however, there’s nothing traditional about embedding visual analytics and business intelligence. This is a fast-evolving discipline with high stakes.

Choosing to build or buy a modern embedded analytics solution involves many considerations and rarely offers a simple answer. This paper will help you understand and evaluate the criteria that can guide you to making a well-informed decision that best suits your offering and organization.

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