Have you decided on leveraging Snowflake to enable rapid analytics? If the answer is yes, our 3-day onsite training program is just for you. This program will help you kick start with first of its kind Snowflake cloud data warehouse.

We train you on all aspects of Snowflake - setup, management, features and services. That’s not it, we will also get you familiarized with the best practices in data management, which will enable you to finish your tasks quickly and successfully. We will leave you with hands on Snowflake experience which will involve a case study and thorough documentation of what we did so that you don’t feel orphaned when we hand over the cruise control to you. At the end of this program, we can assure you that you will have a good holistic picture of how your organization can use Snowflake to answer: ‘What’s Happening?’ Which should be the sole purpose of performing analytics in the first place.

Learn Snowflake In 3 days

Learn Snowflake in 3 days

We are the only Certified Snowflake Training Partner in the USA. Learn snowflake in 3 days with our exclusive training manual and classroom module and kickstart your migration to Snowflake’s modern cloud data warehouse.

The 3 day onsite Snowflake Training program will deliver the following benefits to you and your organization:

  • Snowflake Computing installed, configured and running using Snowflake best practices
  • You and your team trained on how to administer and manage your new Snowflake instance
  • A complete overview of the architecture, features and services of Snowflake
  • An end to end guide of how you can get your data into Snowflake and perform queries and operations
  • A data management strategy to make data access with Snowflake fast and easy for your users.
  • Detailed baseline documentation for your Snowflake environment which will cover the architecture and technical aspects related to it.