Transforming Urban Infrastructure Management: A Pixel Perfect Success Story

Blog | April 26, 2024 | By Anirban Ghosh, Sandeep Kumar

Enhancing Decision-Making with Pixel Perfect

Revolutionizing City Administration with Actionable Insights


Speaking to prospects almost daily can sometimes make you a bit indifferent towards the actual problems. Especially when you’re dealing with a technology product. It’s easy to get lost in the technical details and forget the actual “human cost” of inefficiency, lost time, and missed opportunities. Once such incident involved a geospatial services firm that works with urban utilities and public works departments in US. It’s a story that has stuck with me – not because of the innovative use of Pixel Perfect, but for the real-world impact it has had.

It’s a story about potholes, public safety, and how the right tool can make a difference to human safety!

Challenges in Urban Infrastructure Management

Implementing Pixel Perfect for Enhanced Insights

Impact on Decision-Making and Efficiency Gains

Leveraging Data for Smart Infrastructure Decisions

Enhancing Efficiency through Actionable Insights

Future Prospects and Expansion Plans

The Customer & Challenge  

Our story unfolded in the heart of a bustling neighbourhood in North America, where a geospatial services firm with 30 years of experience in serving local, county, and state government agencies found its new cutting-edge Analytics tech hampered by a seemingly mundane challenge – inability to efficiently track pothole reporting.

The manual, error-prone way of reporting delayed pothole repairs, leading to unsafe streets for drivers and pedestrians. This wasn’t just about numbers on a spreadsheet; it was about the safety of ordinary citizens!

Enter Pixel Perfect for Tableau 

Enter USEReady, deploying Pixel Perfect for Tableau to address the reporting gap. Our Tableau extension brought forth multi-report exporting with custom branding, dynamic numbering logic for potholes, customized data representation, and dynamic image export. The result? An Automated Calboring Potholing Report – a well-formatted PDF containing pothole summaries grouped by job ID, pothole location maps, and detailed images – readily distributed within the firm’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 24 to 48 hours.

Driving Efficiency and Safety 

Deploying Pixel Perfect meant near-instant addressal of the challenge and several key outcomes including: 

  • Automated reporting for 150+ operations managers, line managers, job owners and foremen 
  • Accelerated identification and resolution of pothole issues 
  • Improved public safety around pothole hazards 
  • Increased operations efficiency with faster, error-free reporting leading to 95% SLA compliance 

Pixel Perfect’s Versatility in Action

Pixel Perfect’s multi-report exporting, dynamic numbering logic, and customized data representation capabilities proved invaluable in solving an extremely niche use case. But beyond the “technical superiority” of Pixel Perfect, this customer success story serves as an effective reminder of how addressing a series of “reporting” challenges can lead to a real-world benefit which we can sometimes lose sight of. 

Pixel Perfect’s Versatility in Action

In closing, this success story exemplifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and address specific challenges including something as niche and specialised as geospatial services domain.

Stay tuned for more! 

Anirban Ghosh
About the Author
Anirban Ghosh is a Senior Director in USEReady’s Product Engineering Practice. He plays a strategic role within the practice and leads the product life cycle, go-to-market strategy, defines product roadmap and client enablement programs.
Anirban GhoshSr. Director, Products | USEReady
Sandeep Kumar
About the Author
Sandeep Kumar is a Senior Software Engineer in the Pixel Perfect Customer Success team, where he focuses on ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes by providing guidance, support, and solutions. He also emphasizes building strong relationships to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Sandeep KumarSenior Software Engineer | USEReady