Pixel Perfect for Tableau: A Case Study in Transforming Real Estate Reporting

Blog | June 20, 2024 | By Anirban Ghosh, Anirudh Kalva

Revolutionizing Real Estate Reporting with Pixel Perfect>

How Pixel Perfect Enhanced Reporting Efficiency

When building our reporting solution – Pixel Perfect for Tableau – we knew from the start that we couldn’t limit it to a single industry or domain. We knew that it had to be versatile and robust enough to handle the demands of every sector we could possibly think of. Reporting, after all, is a fundamental need for businesses of all stripes, including niche ones like real estate.


At USEReady, we understand the diverse challenges different industries face when it comes to data utilization. This understanding was recently put to the test when we collaborated with a major North American real estate firm managing a sprawling portfolio exceeding 36 million square feet. Their diverse holdings included everything from malls and multi-family residential properties to office spaces and industrial zones. Efficiently managing such a vast spread of properties demanded real-time data and up-to-date information – the very foundation of their success.

Introduction to the Case Study

Challenges in Real Estate Reporting

Solutions Implemented with Pixel Perfect

Results and Benefits Achieved

Background of the Real Estate Firm

Identifying Reporting Inefficiencies

Implementing Pixel Perfect in Tableau

Measuring Success and Future Outlook

The customer’s Tableau-based reporting however, fell short on multiple counts. Generating reports on critical metrics like rental income, lease renewals, foot traffic, and accounts receivable was a manual, time-consuming affair. It involved data extraction from various sources, formatting for clarity, and manual calculations for trend analysis across months and years. This not only wasted valuable resources but also limited the ability of leadership and operational teams to make data-driven decisions in a timely manner. 


Understanding the Client’s Needs

Our initial discussions with the client revealed a clear need for an automated reporting solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing Tableau Cloud Environment. The ideal solution, according to the customer, would create formatted PDF crosstab reports with a single click, and make them readily available to leadership and operational teams.


We knew Pixel Perfect for Tableau was the perfect (no pun intended) fit. Here’s how it addressed their specific challenges: 

  • From Siloed Manual Chaos to Automated Efficiency: We eliminated the need for manual data extraction and formatting entirely. Pixel Perfect’s automation capabilities streamlined the report distribution process, freeing up valuable time for the client’s team to focus on core business activities like analysis and strategic planning. 
  • Crystal Clear Communication Through Formatted Reports: Pixel Perfect for Tableau generates well-formatted PDF reports segmented by property for improved organization. These reports are designed with enhanced readability in mind, ensuring clear data visualization for users at all levels. 
  • Empowering Users with One-Click Access: Since accessibility was paramount for the customer, especially the senior leadership, we made the reports readily available for them. With a single click, they can access critical information, analyze trends, and make informed decisions quickly. 

The Pixel Perfect Impact

The implementation of Pixel Perfect for Tableau yielded significant improvements for the real estate giant, including: 

  • Dramatic Efficiency Gains: We witnessed a remarkable 70% reduction in reporting time, leading to significant cost savings estimated at around 40%. This freed up valuable resources and streamlined workflows across the organization. 
  • Improved Data Accessibility: Over 250 users across leadership and operational teams now have improved access to critical data. This fosters a data-driven culture and empowers informed decision-making at all levels. Previously siloed data is now readily available, facilitating collaboration and cross-departmental insights. 
  • Reinforcing the Need for Automation: In a recent LinkedIn poll over half of respondents (51%) indicated for users a combination of automated formatting, enhanced distribution, and pre-built templates are all crucial for improving reporting efficiency. Pixel Perfect for Tableau offers features which let users have complete control of their reporting workflows and make them more efficient. Pixel Perfect empowers them to strike a balance between standardization and customization, ensuring reports remain consistent while meeting the unique needs of different stakeholders. 
  • Enhanced Tableau Adoption: The ease and efficiency of Pixel Perfect reports have driven greater adoption of Tableau among the client’s users. This not only maximizes the return on investment in their business intelligence platform but also empowers a data-centric approach throughout the organization. 

An Ode to Reporting Automation

This successful customer instance serves as a testament to the transformative power of automation in enterprise reporting. By streamlining report generation and improving data accessibility, Pixel Perfect for Tableau empowers organizations like this real estate leader to unlock the true value of their data and achieve operational efficiency. This is just one example of how we are transforming reporting across industries, allowing businesses to make smarter data-driven decisions. 

Anirban Ghosh
About the Author
Anirban Ghosh is a Senior Director in USEReady’s Product Engineering Practice. He plays a strategic role within the practice and leads the product life cycle, go-to-market strategy, defines product roadmap and client enablement programs.
Anirban GhoshSr. Director, Products | USEReady
Anirudh Kalva
About the Author
Anirudh Kalva is an Engagement Leader with the Pixel Perfect team who plays a pivotal role in driving business growth and ensuring customer satisfaction. He focuses on effectively showcasing our product offerings and works closely with customers to ensure they maximize the value of Pixel Perfect.
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