USEReady Launches MigratorIQ, A Comprehensive Migration Solution for Modern Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing

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March 15, New York – USEReady, a leading provider of data and analytics solutions, is proud to announce the launch of MigratorIQ, a comprehensive migration solution designed to automate and streamline the transition to modern business intelligence and cloud computing platforms seamlessly for organizations across industries.

MigratorIQ is the result of USEReady’s years of experience helping organizations migrate to modern data ecosystems. MigratorIQ has been built on a purpose-built solution approach called MOM (Migration, Optimization and Modernization).

The solution addresses concerns of CDAO (Chief Data Officer) offices that must tackle migration with modernization, while optimizing their BI (Business Intelligence) investment. Migration module assists in retiring legacy, Optimization module focuses on right sizing the environment and Modernization module focuses on cloud deployment. MigratorIQ is delivered a with a set of tools built for making the digitalization journey more automated than other alternatives.

MigratorIQ has been able to successfully deliver 45% faster TTM, 55% reduction in report footprint, and 50% faster report processing time using modern platforms. Post migration Optimization and Modernization are achieved through tools such as SnowIQ, Pixel Perfect that make observability and report bursting possible on a data cloud platform such as Salesforce or Snowflake.

For migration USEReady follows its proven framework called “Plan Migrate Validate” to move to the cloud and post migration support is offered through a program called Data Cloud Expert (DCExp).

Uday Hegde, Founder & CEO of USEReady said, “We understand the critical challenges of a CDAO organization, and we developed MigratorIQ for large enterprises to retire legacy platforms, reduce technology debt seamlessly, deliver data products and driving business outcomes.”

USEReady team will be present at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit from March 20 – 22, 2023 at Orlando, FL to discuss the challenges around migration journey and learn more about MigratorIQ.

MigratorIQ is available now. For more information or to schedule a demo, write to us at

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USEReady Launches MigratorIQ, A Comprehensive Migration Solution for Modern Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing

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