Uday Hegde’s Journey with USEReady: From Inception to AI-Powered Future

In the ever-evolving landscape of data and analytics, there are individuals whose leadership shapes not only their organizations but also the industry at large. Uday Hegde, the CEO of USEReady, is undeniably one of those trailblazers. Headquartered in the bustling hub of New York, USEReady is a data and analytics firm that thrives on the mission of turning data into a potent competitive advantage for businesses.

But what sets Uday apart is not just his role as a CEO; it’s his unwavering commitment to values that resonate with both clients and colleagues. At USEReady, the core principles of Customer Centricity, Community, Continuous Improvement, Integrity, and Humility are not just buzzwords—they are the driving force behind every decision, project, and initiative.

In this interview, we embark on a journey alongside Uday Hegde, charting the course of USEReady from its inception to its AI-powered future. We explore the company’s growth, its impact on the data and analytics sphere, and the invaluable insights Uday has gained during this transformative voyage.

AIM: Could you walk us through the origin of the name ‘USEReady’ and the thought process that led to it? Starting from the very beginning, we’d like to understand the journey of how ‘USEReady evolved into an AI-powered company specializing in analytics and data science.

Uday Hegde: Very good question. I get asked that a lot. In fact, the name USEReady, the user, is symbolic to a citizen data scientist who is trying to wrangle data to make decisions every day. In our naming, what we are really addressing is our marketplace and why we exist. USEReady exists to make this community of average, daily decision makers or citizen data scientists to be successful with data hence the name USEReady.

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Uday Hegde’s Journey with USEReady: From Inception to AI-Powered Future

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