Using the Cloud as a Platform for Data Warehousing

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Integrating cloud-based data warehouse with BI environment

Seamless Scalability in Cloud Data Solutions

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Elevating Analytics with Cloud Integration

Advanced Analytics to Harnessing the Cloud

Monetizing Data with Strategies and Insights

Cloud-Powered Data Warehousing Advantages

Scalability Made Simple with Cloud Data Solutions

Evaluating a cloud solution for data warehousing

Data Warehousing Platform

Cloud computing is a hot topic as organizations look to take advantage of the agility and pay-as-you-go model the cloud offers. Data warehousing is undergoing significant change—an increasing number of organizations are using the
cloud for data warehousing at the same time as they begin to take advantage of new sources of data, advances in business analytics, and new database technologies. However, determining which projects are best suited to cloud-based computing and selecting a cloud solution are not easy tasks.

This Webinar examines the use of the cloud for data warehousing and presents use cases that are best suited to a cloud environment. It also discusses the integration of cloud computing with existing business intelligence (BI) environments and reviews key criteria for choosing a cloud solution for data warehousing.

In this Webinar you’ll learn:

  • Use cases for data warehousing in the cloud
  • Key requirements for cloud-based data warehousing
  • Evaluating and choosing a cloud solution for data warehousing
  • Integrating a cloud-based data warehouse with the existing BI environment