USEReady Tableau Prep Builder

On-Demand Webinar |  24 July, 2020

Empower Your Analytics with Tableau Prep Builder

Elevate Insights to Unlock Data Prowess with Prep Builder

Seamless Data Preparation with Tableau Prep Builder

Introducing Tableau Prep Simplifying Data Preparation

Unleashing the Potential of Tableau Prep Power and Simplicity

Explore Tableau Prep’s Features Data Shaping Made Easy

Streamlined Data Preparation with Magic of Tableau Prep

Harness the Power of Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep is a tool in the Tableau software family for shaping, combining and cleaning data. It is a simple yet very powerful tool that offers intuitive drag and drop features to build workflows by combining data from different sources to prepare data for Visual Analytics in Tableau Desktop. It aims at solving most of the daily data issues that were faced by Tableau developers.

During the webinar, we share:

  • An introduction to Tableau Prep Builder
  • Tool features and live demo of a simple prep flow
  • Business use cases and customer success stories

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Webinar Speakers

Caitlyn Garger

Business Intelligence Consultant/Trainer at USEReady

Vijai Narasimha

Senior Associate BI Analytics at USEReady