Turn Big Data into Consumable Data

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Data Warehouse for Analytics in the Cloud

migrate to a cloud data warehouse

Transforming Big Data into Understandable Insights

The more diverse and varied data structures become, the more expensive and painful it is for legacy data warehouses to handle the workloads. Turning raw and unstructured data into data that is easily understood and manipulated by analytics systems and people requires a modern data warehouse built for the cloud.

Join Talend and Snowflake for an insightful discussion of the latest trends in analytics and data warehouse solutions with renowned thought leader Dr. Claudia Imhoff.

We’ll cover these hot topics:

  • How to avoid having your data lake become a data swamp and make data consumable
  • How to successfully migrate to a cloud data warehouse
  • How to scale and adapt integration workflows as data grows and changes
  • Who the new data warehouse users are and how they consume trusted data

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