The future of big data: ethics, data management and governance

On-Demand Webinar

Focus on Ethics, Data Management, and Governance

The era of data-driven insights

Advanced data management strategies

As data privacy has risen in prominence, consumers are more cautious than ever about sharing data. This, in turn, affects how businesses approach data monetization, collection, and sharing. And with new regulations like GDPR, organizations are faced with crucial questions around data ethics and privacy in the context of their day-to-day business practices.

In this webinar we cover 3 key areas:

  • data ethics
  • data privacy
  • data management and processes around data

Navigating the Future Landscape of Big Data

Exploring the Ethical Dimensions

Advancing Data Management Strategies

Robust Governance in the Data Future

Future Perspectives on Big Data

Strategies for Advanced Data Management

Governance in the Evolving Data Landscape

Ethical Considerations in Data Futures

Webinar Speakers

Vaidy Krishnan

Senior Product Manager, Tableau

Kyle Gupton

Director, Product Management, Tableau

Michael Hetrick

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tableau

David Spezia

Solution Architect, Tableau

Dan Wilson

Director Strategic Alliances, Cloudera