Retire Legacy BI Platform with Accelerated Migration

On-Demand Webinar |  28 March, 2023

Legacy systems can be a major bottleneck for organizations, holding back business initiatives and processes that rely on them. From an IT perspective, the major drivers for legacy BI modernization are technical debt, aging technology, unavailable modern capabilities, unsupported platforms, and skill shortages.

Application leaders often follow the best modernization approach to identify the right modern BI platform for the organization, but many legacy BI migration projects fail, overrun on time, or exceed their forecasted budget. Key challenges include a faulty migration approach, manual labour-intensive processes, complexity, and risks involved.

USEReady’s migration methodology has been developed to address these challenges and provides a migration acceleration program framework, “Plan-Migrate-Validate”, that includes semi-automation and automation of some of the steps in the migration process from legacy to modern BI platform.

Kindly watch our accelerated migration program webinar. USEReady’s expert team will help identify opportunities to maximize a migration’s impact and processes to accelerate migration utilizing automated transformation, where feasible, with reduced cost and time.

In this webinar we have discussed:

  • Best practices to plan and migrate assets & analytics from Legacy BI Platforms to Modern BI
  • Migration framework “Plan Migrate Validate for a repeatable migration process.
  • How USEReady’s MigratorIQ solution addresses the challenges of legacy migration utilizing purpose-built connectors, migrator tools and our legacy BI retirement approach for predictable outcomes and cost savings.


Webinar Speakers

Atul Verma

Practice Area Lead (India) – Visual Analytics, USEReady

Jeff Meck

SVP, Customer Success, USEReady