Impacts of Climate Change Data on Existing and New Loans

On-Demand Webinar |  9 February, 2023

Climate change has an undeniable impact on our lives, with increasingly tangible examples for individuals and businesses. The resulting effects of natural disasters attributed to climate change have implications for the banks and investors holding the loans. Beyond anecdotal examples, many financial institutions struggle to understand the climate risk associated with the locations of their collateral, or that information is not readily available to the people who need it.

We invite you to watch our Impacts of Climate Change Data on Existing and New Loans webinar where USEReady’s Solution Principal Caitlyn Garger and Senior Client Partner Dan Davidson review the impacts of having climate data when assessing existing and new loans.

In this webinar we have discussed:

  • The importance of data in decision-making
  • Risks climate and related events could have on a loan portfolio
  • How having a climate dashboard can help organizations minimize risk


Webinar Speakers

Dan Davidson

Senior Client Partner

Caitlyn Garger

Caitlyn Garger

Solutions Principal