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Statistical distribution of the dataset

Visually interactive data investigation

Understand string distribution values

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Boost Productivity Insights into Modern Analytics Strategies

Understanding Data flows throughout workflow

What if you had the ability to see how your data changes visually, in real time, while you’re working on a model instead of constantly outputting that data into another tool and waiting for it to render?

Well, lucky for you, you don’t have to wonder! With Alteryx, say hello to instant analytic validation and gratification. Our inline visualytics let you see how your data flows throughout your workflow so you can drive higher-quality, more impactful analysis and stop wasting time outputting to other tools.

Watch this hands-on virtual lab to learn how Alteryx Designer can unlock the data door with inline visualytics that help you polish your biggest, messiest raw datasets into analytic results– winning back priceless time in your day.

See how to:

  • Profile any data: Big, or small, whether from data warehouses, cloud apps, spreadsheets, or other sources, all in the Alteryx Designer
  • Visually assess data health: See the statistical distribution of the dataset as well as a grading of data completeness in each data column
  • Data discovery: Visually interactive data investigation and model-exploration for association analysis, contingency tables, AB analysis, decision trees, time series, and field summaries
  • Understand string distribution values: Understand the distribution of string values with issues like leading or trailing whitespaces, unique values, nulls, average, longest and shortest lengths

Become the orchestrator directing disparate data, making it flow together and make sense. Get ready to win your day back — turn weeks of data analysis work in hours of data exploration and modeling.

Webinar Speakers

Lisa Aguilar

Product Marketing, Alteryx

Jessie Chou 

Solutions Engineer, Alteryx