Fostering a Data Enabled Culture through Self-Service Analytics

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Fostering Data Enablement Through Self-Service Analytics

How Self-Service Analytics Drives Data Culture Transforming Workplaces

Aligning with LOB and IT for Analytics Ecosystem

Analytics with Alteryx, AWS, and Tableau

Power of a Leading Analytics Ecosystem and IT Partnership

“Eat Mor Chikin” might be its customer-facing slogan but, internally, maybe Chick-fil-A’s motto should be “Consume Mor Analytics.” The popular restaurant chain is about much more than just chicken sandwiches — they have fully embraced data science and analytics with the creation of the Enterprise Analytics group.

What mysteries has Chick-fil-A unlocked through its analytics center of excellence? Hear from Korri Jones, Lead Analyst — Enterprise Analytics, as he shares how to:

  • Partner strategically with both line of business (LOB) and IT to develop an effective analytics ecosystem that includes Alteryx, Amazon Web Services, and Tableau
  • Tackle critical business issues with analytics, using a myriad of data, including IoT data streaming into a data lake
  • Foster a data-enabled culture to become a “Center of Excellence” for analysts across the organization

Watch to learn how a leading analytics ecosystem and strategic partnership with IT can help permeate the value of self-service analytics throughout an entire organization.

Webinar Speakers

Bill Vorhies


Korri Jones


Raman Kaler


Michael Sullivan