Data to Value: Strategies for Data Leaders to Navigate the AI Frontier 

On-Demand Webinar |  25 January, 2024

Data to Value Strategies for Data Leaders

AI Insights for Data Leaders in the Evolving Landscape

Data to Value Strategies and Insights for Data Leaders

Key Strategies for Data Leaders in the Data to Value Journey

Insights into AI for Data Leaders in Today’s Evolving Landscape

Leveraging AI Insights for Data Leaders to Stay Ahead

Exploring Data to Value Strategies in the AI Frontier

Key Takeaways for Data Leaders from the AI Frontier Webinar

Engage with Experts and Clarify Your Data to Value Strategies

Learn from the Experts – Driving Data to Value in the AI Frontier

Welcome to a transformative exploration of strategies tailored for Data Leaders navigating the AI frontier!

In this era of rapid technological evolution, Data Leaders play a pivotal role in steering organizations through the vast landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This exclusive webinar, is your gateway to understanding the strategies that successful data leaders employ, including a crucial aspect called “Userization,” to harness the real potential of data, navigating the AI frontier. Join us for an enriching session that will provide thought leadership, industry use cases, and a deep dive into the trends shaping the future of data-driven experience.


🚀 Creating Data Experience:
A view from the realm of modern data design and architecture which assists in creating a data experience in your organization.

🔥 Data as a Fuel for AI Workloads (Covering GenAI):
Dive into the dynamic landscape of #Data4AI workloads, uncovering the indispensable role of data as the primary driver. Special emphasis on GenAI highlights the transformative power of leveraging data to fuel cutting-edge AI.

🌐 Industry-Based Use Cases:
Immerse yourself in real-world data stories and use cases from select industries, showcasing how data utilization leads to unprecedented growth and success.

📈 Trends in the “Data4AI” Landscape:
Stay ahead of the curve by gaining a deeper understanding of the latest trends and technologies shaping the dynamic #Data4AI landscape. Explore how these trends are augmenting decision-making which creates business value.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • How Data Experience can drive Userization
  • Ways to adopt #Data4AI outlook in your organization
  • Industry based usecases and insights

Gain insights to propel your data leadership role in an AI-driven world.

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Webinar Speakers

Dan Anamitra

Dan Anamitra

VP, Cloud Data Engineering Practice, USEReady