Community Center – Enable, Expand and Evolve your self-service analytics initiative

On-Demand Webinar |  27 July, 2020

Empower Your Analytics Community Center Insights

Enabling, Expanding, and Evolving: Self-Service Analytics Hub

Join the Journey Community Center for Analytics Initiative

Join the Innovation: Community Center for Analytics Initiatives

Establishing Governance, Monitoring Analytics Community Center Solutions

Community Center Benefits Enabling Agility, Developing Proficiency

Webinar for Data and Analytics Communities Attend for COE Leaders

Cultivating Enterprise Communities with Maximizing Tableau Value

Turbocharge Customizable Solutions from Community Center

Community Center turbo charges your Tableau blueprint initiative with a customizable solution. Community Center teaches you how to establish a governance framework, monitor usage analytics, enable agility, develop proficiency and most importantly bring people together.

Webinar attendees will learn about the cultivating enterprise data and analytics communities, that are enabling Tableau users to get even more value from their investment. This webinar is recommended for anyone in a large enterprise using Tableau for visual analytics needs, or COE leaders that are trying to build Data and Analytics communities.

During the Webinar, we’ll share:

  • An introduction to analytics communities – USEReady’s Community Center for Tableau
  • Community Center and enablement modules – Skill Belt for proficiency development, Chatbot for user adoption, BI governance, analytics content sharing, usage analytics
  • Solution features, architecture, technical specifications and live demo
  • Business use cases and customer success stories