As beneficial as business intelligence is for your internal applications and processes, you can transform the customer experience by placing that power in their hands. Through embedded analytics, BI is integrated into everything from web portals and user applications to products and more. Our team at USEReady can help you to incorporate this incredible technology into your operations through a customized solution.

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Understanding Embedded Analytics

Your employees utilize a customized, easy-to-use dashboard that enables them to quickly draw insights through the integration of numerous data sets. This same technology can be embedded in the products or platforms that your customers access so that they can derive incredible benefits from it as well. When you entrust USEReady with your embedded analytics project, you can expect us to:

  • Identify the most strategic uses of this technology based on your business model and activities
  • Customize or scale the technology specifically to accomplish identified goals
  • Provide complete design and deployment services
  • Help you to get ahead of the competition by harnessing the full power of BI

Leveraging the Benefits of Embedded Analytics

Each business may utilize embedded analytics uniquely and advantageously. While specific benefits are dependent on your business’s use of the technology, you may realize some or all of these benefits as well as others:

  • Create additional revenue streams
  • Integrate multiple components of the user’s experience with your company to create a more seamless process
  • Improve existing processes, such as through an easier sign-in process, enhanced security and other areas
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Improving the Customer Experience

To continue to compete head-to-head in an increasingly rigorous market, you must continuously find ways to improve the customer experience. Embedded analytics offers exceptional results in this area. This technology can help you to work toward your goals by:

  • Making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for
  • Providing customers with thoughtful recommendations
  • Enabling external sharing
  • Secure data so that only the user has access to his or her data and analytics

Learning More About Embedded Analytics

This incredible technology promises to modernize and streamline many of your existing processes while improving the customer experience at the same time. When you reach out to us to learn more about embedded analytics, you can expect our BI experts at USEReady to:

  • Provide knowledgeable, thorough answers to your questions about embedded analytics
  • Assist with identifying areas in your processes where this technology may be used strategically
  • Guide you through the deployment of this technology in your operations


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