SuperStore Sales

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SuperStore Sales

Due to the nature of their business, superstores are privy to vast amounts of information present within their data. Created by using Tableau a Superstore Sales Dashboards empowers a superstore to better understand its performance across multiple areas and make the necessary changes. In essence, the dashboard is built to filter and measure metrics such as, type of customer, spends, transactions, location (based on state and region), delivery etc. to ultimately provide a detailed assessment to the sales team as to where the superstore is making profits and incurring losses.

While dashboards offer a visually interactive and dynamic expereince – sales teams require this information to be generated into reports, in specific formats (ppt, pdf, excel) and adhering to customized rules (page numbers, rows, columns, tables etc.) based on which stakeholder the report is being shared with. Final reports generated should further retain all the filters, tables, graphs, and underlying data.

Now you can easily create pre-populated, perfectly formatted, print-ready reports, at scale and all at the click of a button from within your Tableau Dashboard using Pixel Perfect.

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