How Ad Council transformed Social Welfare with Analytics

Case Study
How Ad Council transformed Social Welfare with Analytics

“Ad council is one of the worlds largest public service advertisement company’s that produces and distributes social awareness campaigns to improve people’s everyday lives.

The company’s analytics team was charged with the responsibility of providing key insights into their marketing and advertising initiatives, to measure media performance, campaign success and public participation to eventually generate impactful awareness. However, with campaign performance data scattered across 30+ data sources comprising of TV, radio, CRMs, social media and other online silos – using traditional ways of reporting introduced inaccuracy and delays in decision-making.

To overcome this, learn how USEReady setup an integrated system by connecting and transforming all the data, deploying a centralized repository, and building actionable dashboards that offered detailed and fast insights on the company’s advertising campaigns.

In this case study, we will further discover how our advanced analytics solution helped the company optimize media ad spaces, enhance campaign efficacy and drive successful social welfare campaigns pertaining to LGBT youth awareness, anti-bullying, student disabilities, etc.

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