Geospatial Firm Transforms Infrastructure Management with Automated Reporting

Pixel Perfect for Operational Modernization
Geospatial Firm Transforms Infrastructure Management with Automated Reporting

Revolutionizing Infrastructure: A Case Study in Geospatial Firm Excellence

Spatial Data Innovation in Infrastructure Management

Unveiling the Geospatial Firm’s Journey to Excellence

Transforming Infrastructure Management Practices

How Spatial Data Excellence Enhances Infrastructure Operations

Insights into Technology: Leveraging Automated Reporting for Success

Geospatial Firm’s Success in Automated Infrastructure Reporting

The Journey to Spatial Data Excellence Unveiled

How Automated Reporting Reshapes Geospatial Operations

Geospatial Firm’s Testimonial on Automated Reporting Impact

A US-based geospatial services firm catering to urban utilities and public works departments was unable to automate reports on newly identified potholes, leading to delayed repairs and safety risks for drivers and pedestrians. To help the customer overcome this challenge, USEReady deployed Pixel Perfect for Tableau providing multi-report exporting with custom branding & styles, dynamic numbering logic for potholes, customized data representation and dynamic image export.

Find out how well-formatted PDFs with grouped summaries, location maps, and detailed images, helped the customer transform infrastructure management with faster pothole repairs and safer streets for everyone.

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